Dr. Giovanna McCann

Dr. Giovanna McCann never doubted she would become a veterinarian. She grew up in her mother’s clinic and watching her help animals in their time of need inspired her to pursue Veterinary Medicine. Giovanna spent three weeks at South 40 during her externship before making it her home and start of her career as a veterinarian. She has spent ample time in the small animal hospital in addition to practicing ambulatory work for South 40 Equine.

Dr. McCann believes that every animal deserves the right to the best care possible. This drives her to go above and beyond for her patients. The most important thing for her to accomplish before the end of a visit is to build a relationship with the pet and owner and ensure they feel understood and comfortable.

Dr. McCann has a dog, a cat, and three ponies. Finnegan, her island dog was adopted on St. Kitts during her studies at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Since then, he has traveled with her to several places including Barbados, and Puerto Rico.